Li Guande CEO

Excellent Young Entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province.More than 20 years of deep accumulation in motorcycle industry.Motorcycle manufacture expert and motorcycle enterprise operations management expert.

Jin Ping Co-founder

Senior motorcycle manufacture entrepreneur.20 years’ experience accumulation in the industry,motorcycle enterprise operations management expert,intergrated marketing expert in motorcycle community.

Yang Xiangyang Co-founder

Director of Yuanzheng Investment/famous angel investor,an authority figure in China’s investment Community,having invested in Beike Biotechnology,Hairuipu Medicine.Tsinghua Yuanxing,Sibiono,etc.,and member of China Angel Investor Club Presidium.

Wang Zuguang Co-founder

International energy expert,famous international investor,one of the 50 Excellent and Successful Chinese American Entrepreneurs,founder of China’s famous company UT Starcom,serving as the director and CEO of many NAQDAQ-listed companies.

Yang Shoubin Co-founder

Founding-partner of Fenghou Capital,Vice president of Dark Horse Club,Secretary General of Youth &Mid-agend Career and Development Association.Director of Tauren College,Presenter of Finance,Economics and Venture,having invested in or created many projects such as Order Floor,Leesa Health house,and compiled China’s Enterprise Introcontrol Essentials Collection and China’s Star Enterprise Revelation.

Tan Qunzhao Co-founder

Co-founding partner of Shanda Group,Previously serving as president of Shanda Group,Director and CEO of Shanda games,Leading two companies getting listed in NASDAQ.A domestic Internet veteran with a technical background,deep understanding on the Internet industry and development of new technology,as well as rich venture experience.

Yue Tao co-founder

Co-founder of Zhengtu,establishing“Zhengtu network”collaboratively with shi Yuzhu and Lin Haixiao,famous Agenl investor,having invested in Zailushang,Mige Baby Diary,Lipai,Uzwan,Leyou,Senyou,etc.

Wu zhiyong Co-founder

More than ten years’ professional experience in investment.merger and acquisition,having worked in famous investment institutions such as Actis,Cybernaut,The Balloch Group and Deutsche Bank Strategic Investing Department,and invested in well-known projects such as Focused Photonics Inc.and Fengye Education.